Diving in Tarifa and in the Bay of Cádiz

Tarifa and Cádiz are very close to each other Tarifa, Spain is known for friendly people, great beaches, awesome windsurfing and excellent scuba diving. The sleepy little town, located in the province of Cádiz, Andalusia, rests on the southwest Iberian Peninsula, close to where Spain and Africa almost touch. It […]

Diving Accident in Monterey Bay

Initially intended for military and scientific use, scuba diving has, no doubt, become one of the world’s most popular water sports; but, unfortunately,  it can sometimes bring to fatalities. According to diving accident statistics, the common causes that result to fatalities include drowning, arterial gas embolism, heart attack, trauma sustained […]

Diver found dead in 55 meter Depth

On January 23  diver dived in the area of coral reef in the Gulf of Eilat ( Aqaba ) and did not surfaced. Two other diver committed together with the technical dive, surfaced. According to them, they searched for their comrade under the water, but  did notfound him. Officers of […]

Diving in Oahu

Diving in Oahu What can be expected to be seen? Well – beautiful volcanic landscapes, caves, lava flows, basalt boulders and of course various sea creatures. Very interesting are the so-called volcanic tubes – flowing rivers of lava froze and left behind a long hollow tubes, which over time were […]

28-Years-Old Man Lost While Diving in Hawaii

Blessed with crystal-clear turquoise waters rich in amazing marine life, Hawaii is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, with emphasis on sunshine and outdoor activities, including diving – an adventurous water sport that never fails to entice holidaymakers of all ages. And though many experts ensure that this is one of […]

Dive safety checklist according PADI

Scuba Diving safety tips according Padi “A danger foreseen is half avoided” Divers should limit their depths according to their training, certification level, and experience. Regardless of level of training, any increase in diving depth should be incremental. Further training and/or supervision is needed when diving in a new type […]

PADI Open Water Diver Course

The article gives a detailed description about the course «Open Water Diver», steps of trainings and the main skills which you’ll get from the course. Diving Course “Open Water Diver” – what is it? The most frequent question which is being asked by most of people who want to learn […]

Scubabowl Returns to Cayman Islands

Famed for its world-class scuba diving, Grand Cayman warmly welcomes diving adventurers to take part in Scubabowl – Caribbean’s greatest Dive FAM trip that heads back to the Cayman Islands and will run this year between November 7 and 9. Specifically designed for dive-trade professionals with an aim to teach […]

Divetech Grand Cayman Rates as PADI TecRec Center

With warm turquoise waters and clear visibility, Cayman Islands are where all the fantasies and miracles of the mysterious underwater world can be met. And no matter you are thinking about learning how to dive or you have decided to advance and enrich your previous experience, the Cayman Islands offer the utmost. […]

Palau Diving

Geography Palau (Republic of Palau, Beluu er a Belau) – a country without borders in the Pacific Ocean, 500 km east of Philippines and occupying western part of Caroline Islands of Micronesia in the Philippines sea. Palau is located on lofty islands Babeldaob, Koror, Peleliu and Angaur, low coral atolls […]