Year 2009 is declared Year of Sharks

I would like share with small info with those people  who care about the sea and its inhabitants. Year 2009 declared the International Year of sharks (I recall, 2008 was the year of the coral reef). Difficult to say but it’s a fact , most of us living far away from the sea or ocean and phrase “Protect Sharks” seems really meaningless for most of them and it’s really sad. For the preservation of Fiji’s population of sharks is organically combined with the Fijian culture. in Fiji sharks are considered as sacred animals and killing them is prohibited. Moreover, living in Fijian waters sharks are like a magnet that attracting divers and tourists from all over the world to see and participate in unique presentation – ” feeding sharks with hands”.

I strongly believe that these gorgeous animals deserve respect and without them the oceans waters will be too boring

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