Scuba diving is a real joy for the people who like to lead extreme and interesting lifestyle full of fearful and dangerous moments. However, the reality is that not every man can lead such a lifestyle and not every man can become a scuba diver.

In order to be a good scuba diver one should be very healthy. That is perhaps the main demand of scuba diving. Living under the water is more difficult than living on the Earth. The organisms of people who have health problems may not access that kind of living conditions.

People who have heart and breathing problems shouldn’t dive no matter what equipment they may wear. It can really be very dangerous.

However, if you think you can’t do without it, and are eager to witness the beauty of the other world, consult a doctor and dive only if you are allowed to.

Now I want to turn to young, healthy and energetic scuba divers. Are you eager to learn more scuba diving tricks? Do you think my tips can be valuable and useful while diving? Then go on reading this entry, the main purpose of which is to make your dive an easy and enjoyable thing.

Scuba diving has gained such a great popularity only in recent years, and that is why not many people are aware of the secrets of scuba diving.

Know that no matter whether you are an experienced diver or just a starter you should treat seriously every dive. No diver should feel casual about the diving activity. This can be named the golden rule of all the divers.

Each diver should himself make the activity safe and secure. The combination of fitness, serious attitude towards the procedure, self-reliance, diving tricks as well as experience and equipment will be the insurer of safe scuba diving.

Fitness: Fitness is the guarantee for a comfortable and enjoyable dive. Always take care to check yourself fully before diving. I mean checking not only your physical state but also your equipment. Many professionalized divers ignore this, but this check-up is really crucially important. Never overestimate your power. If you feel a little bit sick, do not dive. In case you feel some sickness when already in water stop diving and ascend to the surface. It’s not about being a hero; it’s about your health.

Always have some signal device with you, especially if you are diving in difficult areas. Many unexpected things may happen. You’ll need the device especially when you are far from your diver-friends.

It is a must for every diver to think quickly and wisely. Conditions under the water may change very quickly and you should know how to orientate yourself immediately. The truth is that only a healthy and fit diver can think and orient quickly.

Attitude: As I have already mentioned it doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced diver or just a beginner you should give great importance to the whole procedure. Such are scuba diving rules. Besides watchfulness and sense of responsibility towards oneself, a diver should elaborate the goals and motives of his diving. It’s very interesting and, why not, essential to set personal records and try to reach them.

A diver should not only physically but also psychologically be ready for the dive. If you have fears about underwater environment, do not dive alone. It’s much more interesting to dive with a group. You’ll more easily overcome your fears when there are people around you. Your unpleasant feelings will immediately disappear the moment you find fun in the dive. But if you feel pressured and uncomfortable under the water stop diving.

Self-reliance: As all divers assert, it’s a real pleasure to dive with a group. But remember, each one is responsible for oneself. You can rely on others’ help, but never fully. Do not dive, especially in dangerous and complicated areas, if you are not sure about your diving abilities. In order to be self-reliant you should thoroughly check your diving equipment before getting involved in the activity. Take care not to miss any element of the equipment. As you know there are different types of scuba diving. You should necessarily be geared up appropriate to the dive you are involved in.

Do not compare yourself with your diver-buddies. Never follow anyone to the places you don’t want to dive. Make decisions yourself.

While diving make pauses to regain your energy. Don’t let yourself get tired. It spoils the whole diving impression. Try to stay as fresh and energetic as possible. Only in that case you’ll feel the real attraction of scuba diving.

If you feel comfortable, healthy and energetic while diving, you’ll also have time to shoot photos of your adventures, as making photos is one of the most interesting things in scuba diving.

A wise diver would never ignore the above mentioned. If you’d like to be a good diver try to follow these few and simple tips.

Now are you ready for the dive? Great! I wish you unforgettable and adventurous moments under the water.

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