The dive is being conducted in a channel called «La Boca» in Cuba. Duration of immersion is usually 45 minutes. Immersion of group is being started from the platform (number 1 in pic). Further diver diving gradually along the vertical walls of the underwater channel. The group gathering all together at depth of 7 meters, where already can be found wrecks of Spanish vessel «Nuevo Mortera», sunken in 1905 and moreover this wreck is considered the best preserved of all the steel vessel which were sunken at that time. After reaching a depth of 25 meters, instructor distributes the divers along the banks on the right side of the wreck (number 2 in pic). At the same time, diver-supporter and video operator taking already predetermined positions. Participants separated from each other’s position with distance of 6 meters in depth of 26 meters. Typically, as soon as the instructor begins to cut the fish, immediately appear sharks that swim close to the seafloor, though they are keeping a distance from the divers (only at the beginning).

Then the sharks take direction to the instructor. It seems like he is inviting them to have a dinner, moving the bleeding fish which he holds in his hand. It does not take a lot of time, as sharks already know what’s going on.

At some point, one of the shark goes straight to the instructor. Being in motion whole time, it opens powerful jaws and takes the fish directly from the hands of diver, and then either turn toward or continue to float above the diver. The sharks swim slowly all the time and behave “peacefully” in relation to the other sharks. Sometimes the lens of camera attract their attention and they even touch the camera with nose. Sharks usually swim near to the instructor in whose hands there is a fish. At the end of immersion, the sharks continuing to «dance» in the place where they feel the smell of blood. Usually sharks are not willing to follow group. The return of the group occurs in the following order. The instructor ask the participants to return for which they have to pass screw of the sunken ship and start to climb along the left side of it. It provides protection from currents. Immersion ends at the nose of the wreck, after which all of the follow to the point 3 ( on pic ) where they need to stop for at least 3 minutes for decompression. After decompression, everybody rise on a platform with help of stairwell.

In some days, there was the presence of up to 14 sharks. More often 5-8 sharks can be seen during the show. Some of them reach up to 3 meters length.


* strictly keep the position specified by instructor
* Keep your hands crossed or slightly explore the sand
* Keep calm and refrain from unnecessary sudden movements
* Reaching the feeding place, try to maintain buoyancy and keep close to the bottom. So you’ll do not need to use the flippers to keep buoyancy and your actions will not lead to a deterioration in visibility.


Type: Bull Shark or tub head.

Scientific name: Carcharhinus Leucas

Color: The back is gray. Abdomen has white color. Fins gray with a blackish tinge.

Length: Up to 360 centimeters.

Weight: Up to 230 kg.

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