What’s so special in scuba diving? A fact is that – if you ever go under the water once, all usual things will never be the same as before.

“How deep have you been? Did you see sharks? Are there any treasures?” – These questions are usually asked divers returning from the dive.

And here are the answers: Divers do not immerse that deep, sharks are not as dangerous and violent predators, as media represents them, treasures are not must hunt to consider the dive a successful one.

So why do people go diving?

Imagine for a moment that you have moved into space. Look back – you were on a small speck of land towering over the vast ocean of the blue planet. Land may have mountains and valleys, vast deserts and heavily populated areas, but if a sober look at our planet, it becomes quite clear that it is in the ocean that we find the greatest variety of natural forms.

Next time flying on a plane, look down at the clouds. I’m sure you perfectly know how many interesting things are hidden below them. Being near a sea, do not limit yourself with the beautiful horizon – a look inside! There, you’ll find as much interesting to watch, as you might see from a airplane below the clouds.

Photography, marine biology and archeology (primarily shipwrecks) are the most popular hobbies of amateur divers. Start scuba diving if you want to fully experience the world in which we live. While diving, you’ll not only discover beyond the reach of many new, unknown world, there are also good friends and associates.

Divers do not see the bottom, but scuba diving takes you to the secret world. At those depths, where there are divers, was and is everything truly interesting.

Even on the surface swimming and diving with a mask and tube somewhere in the seaside resort or in the lake at home, you actually can see what lies below the surface. You see things hidden from the people who limit themselves walking on the shore and fire on the beach.

Just imagine a beach full of people, hanging out after diving with dolphins, whale sharks, or visit a huge wreck. These things are not available for a true understanding to usual people, because they deprived themselves of this opportunity, while divers enjoy certain special privileges”.

Under the water you can feel a sense of weightlessness and complete freedom of movement. Even some people with disabilities, usually chained to the chair, have a new sense of freedom when gravity loses its power over them. An outside observer might think that diving seriously Curb Rights is a far cry from a sense of weightlessness. However, it is not. When the diver enters the water, all this weight really disappears.

In a sense, brings together your diving with wild nature. But not many courses in the world gives you this opportunity. Observers for the birds will never be able to fly along with the migrating flocks, but the diver can swim freely with a wide variety of fish shoals.

The current popularity diving has gained only in the late 1960′s. Creatures under the water do not know that a person can be dangerous. You can go close to sharks a lot closer than you can even come close to lions at the safari. And it would be far less dangerous!

Divers quickly learn, that generally, more people are threatened by sharks than vice versa. Diving around the world allow divers to become much closer to these magnificent animals.

Television is making us jealous, showing colorful splendor of coral reefs. But they are far away from home in the tropical seas. It would be dishonest to deny all the pleasure of diving in warm, clear tropical seas, where you can see life on a coral reef. But the problem of leisure time, material costs for travel and rental of equipment to make such events for the entire journey most of us can’t take.

Wrecks may lie down below the water surface and to be hidden from most eyes, but for divers they are living monuments, waiting for their researchers. Meeting with all these lost and forgotten ships is an amazing experience in a life. Some ships sank recently and look quite new, others are so old that have become part of the coral reefs. These wrecks take divers deep into history, with all the secrets they keep.

In many parts of the world, especially in the Mediterranean, South Pacific sunken warships have become valuable tourist attractions. Today’s scuba divers are trying to protect what they see. There is a simple rule: look but don’t touch! Divers take only photos and leave myriad of air bubbles.

So what about your holidays? You have not yet tired of aimlessly cook, waiting for lunch and thinking about what happens at work in your absence? Just throw the challenge and go scuba diving.

Most leave in the world are on the beach at the edge of the water. Young and physically prepared people can take up swimming, water skiing or windsurfing. Wealthy people can spend more money on a yacht or a transoceanic cruise. The rest of the holiday your can do something interesting, which does not require a perfect physical shape.

You do not need excellent physical shape to go diving. On the contrary, the most difficult for the diver is the time spent on the surface before the immersion. You dive with your brain rather than your muscles. This means that the dive is the kind of physical activity that you can continue to enjoy much longer at a time when you were forced to give up other sports. As the French say, diving – this is sport for the elderly.

Sometimes diving leads to sad results. But statistically it is a very safe sport. If every newspaper wrote about how someone died during fishing or riding, would be clear that these classes have much more problems than diving. And so are many other examples.

So what hold back you still? For diving license you must pass a theoretical course and learn a few basic skills. Everything that you taught by experienced dive instructors. Join to some dive club, where you train at a convenient time to you, or better still devote enter your vacation. Take a short course and gain an international certificate of diver. Moreover, access to the hidden corners of our planet! Dive!

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