Now it is permitted to conduct a extreme dive in the most salty waters of our planet – The Dead Sea. However only experienced divers will have opportunity to see the salty crystals with own eyes . Well such restrictions are quite obvious , as scuba diving in the Dead Sea can be a real tough experience to pass and this is mainly because such salty water have enormous buoyancy force , which means that the equipment should have a greater weight than usual and can reach up to 60 kg. Beside it the water can damage eyes in case of contact with them . But even professionals are required to pass theoretical and practical training before conducting a dive. After 2 days of diving you’ll get a certificate and be sure you boasting among your fellow divers will be quite easy thing to do :) as not every diver have such opportunity to see the bottom of the Dead Sea.

Diving is allowed only on Wednesday and Thursday . Prices for these type of diving vary , but I’ve checked the official website and it says

The Dead Sea diving experience cost is US$ 1,200 per diver.

Price include:
1 night accommodation in high class hotel
3 meals – Evening, Breakfast, Lunch
Transportation from / to hotel to diving site
Supply of air tanks, full face diving masks, weights
Issue of Dead Sea Divers certificate +sticker + Polo shirt

For more information please visit:   Dead Sea Divers

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