In this post I will talk about Scuba Diving in Bodrum, Turkey. It is one of the best resorts in Turkey. Bodrum is truly the pearl of Turkey. Due to its beauty and richness underwater, Bodrum is considered to be the best travel destination for scuba diving in the country. Bodrum has about 15 official dive sites with excellent visibility up to 20 -30 meters. In summer the water temperature is 23 to 25 Celcius, perfect for advanced and novice divers alike.

Scuba Diving in Bodrum, Turkey: General Conditions

  • Water temperature: 18°C (65°F) in May to 30°C (86°F) in August
  • Suit: 7mm semi dry suits recommended during cool months, 3mm-5mm wetsuit during hot months
  • Visibility: 20 to 40 meters (70 to 129 feet)
  • Diving types: Wrecks, reefs, walls, drop-offs, caverns and tunnels
  • Flora and Fauna: Octopus, stingrays, groupers, barracuda, morays, sea bream, nudibranchs, seahorses and sponges. There is chance to see dolphins and turtles, but it’s not common.
  • Best time to visit: The diving season runs from April to November at most centers
  • Visa permit: A visa may be obtained upon landing.  Delays are common during departure , so please be patient.

So, where are the famous diving sites in Bodrum? On the map below I’ve marked the diving sites (with names)

All main dive site are located near to Kara Ada (Black Island)

Kurt Burun   (KÜRTLER BURUN )
An ideal place for diving both for experienced and novice divers. Rock formation begins with three meters and reach up to 30 m. Almost every time you dive you can see morays, octopus, and many other inhabitants of the underwater world of Aegean.

Buyuk Reef  – Büyük Rif    – Big reef
It will take only 20 minitues to reach here from Bodrum. Otopuses, eels (Moray eels), small fish, huge groupers, barracudas and many other varieties of marine life expected to be seen in Buyuk reef (Büyük Rif ) . This dive site is suitable for experienced divers as often there are currents. The drop-off descends up to 50 meters.

Kucuk Reef  Küçük Rif  – Small reef
Kucuk rif – Small Reef – practically does not differ from the Big Reef. Only dimensions are distinguished. With favorable weather conditions, motivated divers can dive both reefs in one day. Large and small reefs are the most vivid and colorful dive sites of Bodrum

Just around the corner of  Kára  ( Kara ada or Black island )  is located a dive site which is called Fener (Lighthouse). Rock formations begin at 5m depth and descend to 20 meters. Here you can find morays, octopus, dragon-fish and other inhabitants of marine life.

Pacoz Koyu  –  Paçoz Koyu
Located between Fener and Kacakci. Approximately 8m wall falls up to 24 meters. If you’re lucky – you can see octopus and barracuda. At a depth of about 6-7 meters deep, you’ll see a wall covered by different vegetation. At a depth of 14 m there is a sunken yacht. This dive site also serves as a good wreck dive site.

Kacakci Koyu  –  Kaçakçı koyu
Located at a distance of 30 minutes from Bodrum. Kacakci Koyu is an ideal place for diving both for professionals and beginners. There are two places in this dive site for diving: the left part and right part of the bay. Slowly until the depth of 26 m fall breed education. In rocky cracks moray eels are hiding. Also, many orfozes  and colorful sponges can be seen.

Delikli Magara – DELİKLİ MAĞARA
At a distance of 40 minutes from Bodrum is located a Cave with approximately 14m depth. The entrance to it is out of the Black Island (Kara ada). This place is convenient for diving both for experienced divers and novice divers. Purple and yellow minerals within the cave surely worth your attention. During immersion you may meet orfoz, morays, Lagos, octopus and other small colorful fish. Entrance to the cave is very wide. Experienced divers can swim inside the cave and swim through the hole-pipe in its ceiling. In the cave there are a large number of rock fish. On the ceiling of the cave is a hole with diameter of 1 m and height of 6m from where you can emerge to surface. The most interesting thing is that air bubbles which are going up out of regulator gathering all together on the top of the cave. Having a camera with you should not miss the chance to capture it.

Poyraz Koyu – Poyraz Köyü
Located behind the Black Island (Kara Ada) about  45 minutes from Bodrum. Considering the fact that in Gulf always persist blowing wind, thus in the hot summer this place have cool freshening effect. Poyraz Koyu is an ideal place for diving both for experienced and novice divers. This place is suitable even for divers who are going to dive first time. Rock formations begin at depth of 5m and descend up to 20 meters.  Orfoz, moray eels, starfish, octopus and various other small fishes met on your journey. Fragments of ancient amphorae can be found in this dive site.

Yassi Ada
Yassi ada – an island formed from volcanic lava. This diving site is suitable for immersion only for experienced divers and professionals, as there are strong currents. Yassi Ada is famous because sometime 3 meter long rays may be seen.
Aksona Ucu
Far from Bodrum  beyond the  Black Island  there is a small island called Aksona ucu. Wrecks of Ottoman ship which sunken in ancient times awaiting its visitors. The area was explored by fisherman of sponges «Mehmet axons».Great variety of small fish, octopus, several species of sea stars, colorful sponges, etc.

Orak Adasi   (Orak Island)
Orak Island in the east of Bodrum is a true paradise for divers with its’ unusual caves, colorful sponges and 100m natural wall. Stone formation in shallow water gives Orak island special beauty. This is a great place to dive for novice and experienced divers, natural wall starts from 6m and descend up to 90 m. We encourage all divers to see this wall. This place is located a bit far from Bodrum 1.5hours to reach.

Tilki Burnu
Tilki Burnu is located to the south of Black Island. Distance: 50 minutes from Bodrum. Suitable only for experienced divers. Immersion takes place among the rocky ledges, ups and down the slopes of rocky formations, large quantities of algae and seaweed giant shells. In this area, many small caves and on depth of 26m there is a semi-cave.

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