Oceanic GEO 2.0 Wrist Computer Review

The Oceanic GEO was an excellent and very powerful dive computer that won an army of diving enthusiast fans for its outstanding performance and stylish build. Never one to rest on their laurels, Oceanic looked at the GEO and decided that there were ways that it could be improved, resulting […]

Suunto Stinger Dive Computer

Suunto Stinger decompression dive computer is fully functional for all types of recreational diving, freediving, technical diving Suunto Stinger can be in steel or in titanium, which will not only reduce weight by 30%, but also increase the strength and durability. It is a wristop computer with separate Air, Nitrox […]

Suunto D9 Dive Computer

New Suunto D9 is world’s first diving computer with integrated digital compass and wireless data transmission system on the cylinder. The compass shows the main direction on the graphical map, but the exact location – on a digital display. Fields are stored in the memory device, which allows analysis of […]

Suunto Vyper Air Wrist Computer Review

Dive computers. These two words will either send you to sleep or drive you into a geeky frenzy that will have you trolling the internet for hours, looking at specifications and comparing features. I fall into the latter category. And the Suunto Vyper Air was made for divers like me. […]

Zeagle Stiletto BCD

Zeagle Stiletto is a rugged and at the same time light BCD. It is designed for those who are scuba diving both in warm and moderately warm water, and which do not require compatibility with Spark or high capacity super buoyancy compensator from Zeagle. Reinforced 1000 denier nylon material of […]

Zeagle Express Tech Buoyancy Compensator Review

The item of gear that allows a diver to control their position in the water column, the buoyancy compensator is a crucial piece of dive gear. It not only allows us to control our position but also holds the tank. BC’s come in different configurations. These are generally divided into […]

Cottages for UK Scuba Divers

Cottage holiday is indeed a pleasure. And if you are in UK, you have a number of options. Surrounded by England, the Irish Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Wales is one of countries that form the United Kingdom of Great Britain. It has a vast coastline, several beaches, high mountains, […]

Diving in Sydney

Exploring the great wonders of the ocean is really fun and adventurous. And it’s not a surprise why scuba diving is considered one of the most popular water sports all over the globe. When it comes to diving in Sydney, the Harbor City offers amazing opportunities, as it’s blessed with […]