Amalga harbor kayak ramp is one of the better shore dives.  The dive is on the north side of the small island.   Walk down to the Kayak ramp and, if it is low tide, find the path that will take you over to the bar and get into the water on the other side of the bar.  At high tide you can swim across the bar.  Much easier than walking across.  If you descend and swim out you will see that the rocks end at around 40 feet and the bottom becomes sandy.  You want to swim at about a 45 degree angle away from the rocks to the left.  At about 70 feet you will find more rocks. If you don’t find the rocks, stay at 70 feet and head left.  You are now in the trench and will find lots of big rocks to explore around.  There is quite a bit of life from rock fish and sculpins, to octopus.  The rocks run out and the bottom turns to mud at around 140 feet. During the summer, contract seiners for the hatchery come in to seine for salmon.  Skip this dive when you see them with their nets in the water.

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