Avoid dangers while Scuba Diving: Tips for novice divers

Generally scuba diving is not considered a dangerous sport. Of course, it’s a bit riskier than, for example, tennis or golf, but it’s far safer than zip lining or parachute jumping. Today you can easily find good modern scuba diving equipment that is reliable and will protect you from many […]

What You Need To Know Before You Go Scuba Diving

Exotic vacations are really popular these days and doing more adventurous activities with your off time can be really attractive. Not everyone likes the idea of just sitting around by a pool and you might want to spice up your trip with activities at scuba diving resorts. It’s really easy […]

Sipadan Island– A Diver’s Heaven or a Shark’s Hell

Sipadan Island, Malaysia – one of the main dive spots in the world, seems to be a paradise for divers. But only half an hour by boat to the island of Mabul is quite different picture: the sea is red because of  shark’s blood, their mutilated bodies, fishing boats loaded […]

An Essential Guide to Buying Scuba Diving Gear

Buying your own scuba diving gear, especially when you are just starting out, can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right information to help you make informed choices. You want to get the best value and the best fit for your diving needs and you want to be comfortable […]

All about Sharks

“He’s Just Misunderstood Is All” As a dive instructor in the tropics I am asked on a nearly daily basis: “Are there sharks in the water?” to which I reply: “Yes, but they are small and harmless”, which immediately invokes the response: “But what if they get angry, or are […]

Top Ten Diving Myths Dispelled For The Novice Diver

Top Ten Diving Myths Dispelled For The Novice Diver Myths Diving is a sport with a huge community of active participants. Most of those participants have been well trained and are well informed about the important truths of the activity. There is a small percentage of, mostly very novice, divers […]

Sharks: Facts and Myths

Sharks: Facts and Myths Sharks have millions of years of history behind them and they haven’t changed much since then. In the minds of ours myths are mixed with reality, and we don’t differ facts from superstitions, and all this is because of usual human fear before the unknown.Divers respect […]

How Do I Choose the Right Scuba Boat for a Trip?

There are three ways to get informationabout dive boats, and the destinations. First Way: Read advertisements and believe claims that aremade. If everyone claims to be the biggest or the best, it can beconfusing, and no one ever advertises that the trips are terrible! Second Way: Find a chart that […]

Protect Sharks from Extermination

Protect Sharks from Extermination Imagine, if you will: Night, darkness and the ocean. A charming blonde left her joyous mates behind and decided to swim under the calm waves of the ocean. Water, under the silver moonlight is being disturbed only by elastic motions of human body. But, you begin […]

Year 2009 is declared Year of Sharks

Year 2009 is declared Year of Sharks I would like share with small info with those people  who care about the sea and its inhabitants. Year 2009 declared the International Year of sharks (I recall, 2008 was the year of the coral reef). Difficult to say but it’s a fact […]