Sardinia: The Gateway To Scuba Diving

There are many scuba diving destinations all over the globe, but why is the Mediterranean chosen as one of the best options? The reason behind this is that this sea has something for everybody from Greek islands, Spain, Sardinia, Italy, Turkey and also Croatia to Cyprus and Majorca to Malta. Now what is so special about Sardinia which makes it one of the most supreme places for scuba diving? No doubt it is the presence of great crystal waters of the Mediterranean Sea, but the other thing is the beaches at Sardinia. Go through the list of the topmost beaches of the world and you will find the names of the Sardinian beaches right at the top.

The white un-spoilt beaches of Sardinia attract a lot of tourists and divers from every corner of the world all year round. There are plentiful cliffs, bays, isles which compliment the charismatic blue sea that surrounds the island. Spots like Asinara Island, Capo Caccia and La Maddalena’s archipelago have some breathtaking diving spots for the professional divers. The temperature in Sardinia during summers is somewhat around 15 degrees Centigrade and it hovers around 13 Degrees in winters. You can experience scuba diving in caves, corals, wrecks, crustaceans, etc. The scuba-diving experience in Sardinia is sure to be a safe and memorable one with the presence of some of the best professional divers to guide and assist you all the time.

If the expenditure is a concern for you then you should not get disappointed because there are many low cost solutions for people planning a holiday to Sardinia. There are some very good real estate agencies which are ready to offer tourists some of the best located self-catering apartments. The locations of the apartments depend on your choice. Most of the real estate agencies have apartments and villas under them which are situated right on the sea-shore or very close-by so that at least a beach side view is provided to the guests.

You cannot go scuba diving all day-night long. You would want an accommodation which provides facilities of high standards and great comfort so that you can relax after experiencing the adventures beneath the blue sea. Ask for “Appartamenti Sardegna” which gives you a beautiful beach view or is located bang on the beach, the real estate agencies will fulfill your wishes without any delay. Self-catering apartments are very cheap and will facilitate you to save your expenses. Record your underwater diving experience in tape so that you can look back to these memorable days anytime you want to. Sardinia remains one of the most preferred scuba diving destinations in the Mediterranean Sea and will remain to do so with its excellent beaches and availability of cost-effective accommodations.

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