On April 11 in the Bahamas concluded the championship Vertical Blue. These 11 days have brought a whole bunch of new world records in free-diving:

April 2 – Sara Campbell – CWT (dive with the constant weight in fins) – 96 meters
April 4 – Herbert Nitsch – CWT (dive with the constant weight in fins) – 114 meters
April 6 – Herbert Nitsch – FIM (free dive – on cable) – 109 meters
April 10 – William Trubridge – CNF (immersion with constant weight without fins) – 88 meters
April 11 – Herbert Nitsch – CWT (dive with the constant weight in fins) – 120 meters

The main hero of these events was Herbert Nittssh, who set a new world record in the final of the competition CWT, the previous record was established here by him a week earlier.

At the same time, in Dubai (UAE) was held international tournament of static-freediving. According the rules athlete should be immersed at depth of 2 meters without a costume and goods, masks, glasses and chronometer as long as he can. The tournament took place in sea where the water temperature was around 26 degrees. In the first round Russian sportsman Aleksey held his breath underwater for 6 minutes, 10 seconds, and in final he improved results making it 7 minutes. Congratulations on winning Aleksey!

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