This numbers are quite unusual , as they are really big . Though Such incidents happened in past.

About 194 pilot whales and 6-7 bottlenose dolphins began stranding on Naracoopa Beach on King Island, about halfway between Tasmania and Victoria, from 7.30pm AEDT last night.

Representative of Tasmania’s Parks and Wildlife Service Mr Arthur told  that it is not common to have both  dolphins  and whales strand simultaneously.

“I know of a number of strandings like that (with both whales and dolphins) but it is unusual,” Mr Arthur said.

” Animals continued beaching themselves for a few hours and by early this morning some of these creatures had died, but many were still alive. ”

“DPIW (Department of Primary Industries and Water) and Parks and Wildlife mobilised staff overnight and a number of staff will be moving to the island this morning,” Mr Arthur said.

It is understand local residents also offered assistance to help return the creatures to the water.

“While there are animals alive, there is always hope,” Mr Arthur said.

Update of original post

VOLUNTEERS and rescuers saved 48 pilot whales and five dolphins on Tasmania’s King Island today as their cries of despair filled the air.

About 150 residents wet down the suffering animals on Naracoopa Beach while government staff prepared for the high-tide rescue.

About 140 of the pilot whales, normally a deep-ocean mammal, died after their stranding.

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