The Yucatan peninsula is located in the south of the United States of México. The earth heated by the tropical sun, thirty five degree by Celsius, impassable jungle, drying up bogs, iguanas, snakes and crocodiles. The rare tropical downpour may suddenly arrive from Caribbean sea. Black clouds, thunder peals, shining lightnings, squall of water lasting not more than from fifteen to twenty minutes and again damp stuffy heat. Well what can I say terrible place for white people , however about 1500 years ago this lands were occupied small people with dark skin who perfectly adopted in Yucatan – Indian Mayas.

Yeah quite interesting , but this blog’s direction is Scuba diving and I do not want to get you bored with history stuff , you can check more about Yucatan in wiki :)

Why I’ve decided to write about Yucatan? Well the answer is quite simple – This place is really paradise for Cave divers

Today more than three thousand cenotes already discovered, but most of them are still not investigated. Well you may ask what the hell is Cenote? – In my earlier blogpost Best Scuba Diving Destinations , I’ve shortly described them .

Quote from post “Entrance to the caves are called Cenotes which is translated from Mayan language and means «well». Yucatan cave system
The Indians called Cenotes «gateway to the kingdom of death» and considering them sacred water. That’s why gifts for gods – from gold jewelry to the sacrificed fellows were been dumped in here.”

With huge efforts of brave divers it was possible to prove that many of which are connected among themselves and have the general hydrosystem. Thus after diving into one of Cenotes, it’s possible to appear far from an immersing place, in other part of jungle.

As I’ve already there are more then 3000 Cenotes discovered already, among them are many established and famous dive sites but I’ll shortly describe the most famous one Dos Ojos.

Dos Ojos ( Two Eyes )
Solar beams play and are poured in water and on failure walls. Underwater labyrinths from different directions open. Over an input in them as huge teeth of a dragon hangs down conic black stalactites. transparency of water more than twenty meters, and you soar in the underground tunnel over sandy dunes.

Immediately after immersion you’ll find yourself blocked by the terrible poster with the image of the old woman-death with plait in a bony hand. The inscription on it says:« It does not matter who you are, instructor of scuba diving or simply skilled technical diver, think again and do not continue immersing further because it is very dangerous and for this purpose is required to have special training preparation ».But It is obvious that is smart advertisement :)

Dos Ojos dive involves a 45 minute traverse between two of the main Dos Ojos cenotes. This is only part of the total system. The complete Dos Ojos system is one of the largest underwater cave networks in the world and connects a number of cenotes. The traverse between the two cenotes is a fantastic dive, and can be combined with a visit to the nearby Bat Cave, with its incredible stalactites.

Special training required for diving in Dos Ojos

Well enough words, better just to look the video

In addition I would like to add different photos from different cenotes. Click on photos to enlarge

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