The Bahamas probably in one the richest places in the world with diversity of dive sites , complexity and abundance of experience.

Only here during one trip and you can feed sharks and dive in the most beautiful and complex caves in the world ( many of those have not been investigated yet ).

Wrecks and walls for miles down into the crater, and a smooth bottom leaving a hundred meters in black and much more and much more.

I’m going to write this article about most mysterious caves in Bahamas and other diving experiences

Black Hole of Andros

Black Hole of Andros is discovered recently. It’s a system of vertical caves found in the vicinity of the Bahamas in most cases close to the South Andros. This cave got its name from perfectly circular entrance with diameter 300 meters, which is seen in orbital pictures taken from Shuttle.

At a depth of 18 meters underneath the entrance , the cave is blocked with 1 meter violet jelly layer of bacteria , which are heating the temperature of the water near to 40 degrees. Above and underneath this layer the water is crystal clear. Few tens meters and you’ll reach the «false» bottom of the cave, which is an opaque violet-orange jelly surrounding landscapes reminiscent of the fantastic scenery of the film flights to Mars. It is still soft violet stalactites which are moving from touch.

Presumably the real depth of the black hole – 50 to 100 meters, diving conditions are considered to be close to the critical indicators.

Black holes are different from Blue that comes from the surface vertically downwards, associated with the sea only through the faults and fissures in the rock and have no side branches. That is why black holes ecosystems remain unchanged over a long period of time. There is an interesting theory that black holes appeared because of giant meteorites which had fallen on earth from ancient times.

Mystery Cave

Underwater cave system under the island of Exuma has always been considered a place of mystery. Three entrances are discovered , two of which are under the water – Mystery Cave and Angelfish Cave. Both caves are located near to the coast and start in a place known as Hurricane Hole 3. The third entry in cave is on the island, it is called the Bottomley’s Blue Hole and is located directly behind the house of Mr Houlanda who is resident of Stoking Island.

All three inputs are interconnected through a network of tiny channels and giant tunnels, some of which exceed the size of metro’s tunnels. Most of the tunnels and canals located on the axis south-north at a depth of 30-35 meters. This system is unique because it is related with continental regional faults. In areas where shallow tunnels intersect with faults giant failures occurs with depth of 65 meters or even deeper. The Bahamas – the only place in the world there relationship between these two forms of the underwater landscape exists, moreover cave systems of exuma are the most longest ones. The total length of tunnels are more than 3 kilometers, but the study continued, opening up new areas of the underwater maze.

Mystery cave and Angelfish cave are «Sea caves», which means that they are completely filled with salt water and linked to he schedule tidal. During tidal caves are «absorbed» water, during tide – they are empty . The speed of water flow is around 3 knots, depending on the size and location of tunnels.

Flora and fauna of the caves are very specific and sometimes endemic.Walls of caves are completely covered with sponges (30 species, half of which is not found anywhere else), tunicates, anemones, chosen shrimp, lobster and other living creatures.

The caves are located near the capital island of Exuma, Georgetown. In the caves periodically conduct underwater research group of geologists that are on the cards of the new system.

Other caves Exuma

The Nature gave the island Eksuma (Exuma) and associated smaller islands,thirty amazing caves. The deepest of them is Norman’s Pond Cay Cave (depth 94 meters) . It is located just very near to the docks ( 5 min by walk ). This is not only the most profound, but the biggest cave in the district, with numerous lateral branches.

Cave Oven Rock Cave is a large dry-cell with 500 meters of underwater corridors and tunnels. Although the cave is subject schedule ebb and flow but it is almost imperceptible. Studies have shown that in this cave inhabited by greater number of marine organisms than in any other underwater cave of the world!!!

Sugar Bay Blue Hole is a small circular cavern with over 500 meters of tunnels and passages at depths of 35 to 45 meters.

Minor and fractured caves are Devin Boston’s Caves which are located in the tiny picturesque bay, near the town Ruleville. There are currently investigated by 300 meters of tunnels and corridors, numerous side branches.

Entrance to the big island of cavity Kermit’s Cavern is located on land. Water on the surfaceisf red, so that the entrance to the cave is constantly light up with purple light – eyeful.

Another interesting place is sea cave Crab Cay Crevasse, situated above a major fault. Over 1000 meters of tunnels and corridors are located at depths of 35 to 55 meters.

Not far from Georgetown is a ground entrance to Basil Minns Blue Hole – one of the most biologically rich cave of the Bahamas. The length of the corridors studied, the average depth of 53 meters, more than 500 meters. About 300 meters from the entrance was found a vertical tunnel, ending a great domed chamber diameter of 10 meters, set by almost reaches the surface of the island and covered the roots of trees and strange insects. The main corridor of the cave systems decorated with stalactites and stalagmites.

Not far from Georgetown, south from the docks, there is another large fractured cave – Masters Harbour Blue Hole. The main corridor – 700 meters, maximum depth – 70 meters.

* With blue holes associated many myths and legends, the most common and popular of which is that cave inhabited by «Luska», fantastic monster, half-squid, half-shark.
* In the underwater cave systems of the Bahamas found the thermocline, and halocline himocline.
* Caves in the Bahamas are divided into three categories: cenotes , fractured caves and tunnel caves.

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