Egypt confirmed its intention to build a giant underwater museum in the Mediterranean Sea. But since the preparations started from the Cleopatra’s palace in Alexandria, financing and technical issues are equally problematic as the very famous queen.

Ancient Alexandria was one of the great centers of civilization, and since the beginning of excavations in the eastern harbor in 1994, divers had excavated thousands of historic sites. Including 26 Sphynx, huge granite blocks, weighing up to 56 tons each, and even parts of the possible Alexandria lighthouse, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Remnants of Cleopatra’s palace located mainly on the island are under water after the earthquake of the 5th century.
The idea is to open a unique area through underwater tunnels that would allow well consider the underwater attractions. Projects were completed by Ruzheri French architect, a veteran of such construction projects, and is supported by UNESCO.

In the next month a detailed technical analysis will start. If everything goes according to the plan, then construction will begin in 2010 and be completed within two and a half year.

But the project has faced obstacles. Funding for the museum, which will cost 140 million dollars, have not been found yet.

The government hopes that private companies and organizations will support the construction of the 21st century, but so far no one breaks. But even if the money are found, many technical problems remain to be resolved: for example, how to deal with the notoriously dark waters of the Gulf, to improve visibility in the tunnel, etc…

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