If you love history, may be follow archaeological news, admire old civilizations and at the same time you are a big fun and expert of scuba diving, then here we’ll tell you about 7 wonders of the underwater world, you’d love to visit.

The history of humanity loses a lot in its development process. Many cities and other objects of civilization are lost in the depths of lakes, seas and oceans worldwide. Some of them were thrown into the sea, as in fairy tales, by earthquakes, tsunamis or other natural disasters many centuries ago. Some of them have already have been opened, some even are raised to the surface thanks to emerging technologies. However, the others still keep many secrets of ancient civilizations, for which scholars and curious divers descend to the bottom, in the green water.

Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria, the city of Alexander the Great (Macedonian) – remains of the empire of Cleopatra. It is anticipated that the city was about one and a half thousand years ago, was affected by the earthquake, and Alexandria is almost completely gone under water, along with all the artifacts, statues, columns and other beauties of the palace of Cleopatra. Projects to raise it from the water nominate experts constantly, but while the case is moving slowly. However, you can go on to dive to the ruins of underwater Alexandria.

Bay of Cambay, India

A few years ago in India, was opened a city of 9.5 thousand years old. These underwater ruins at the southern coast of India showed the highest level of civilization at that time. It should be noted that until this very old city, known in India, there were only 5 thousand years. Discovery was named Golden City, as the legendary town where Krishna lived.

Kwan Phayao, Thailand

500 year old Thai temple is located at the bottom of the lake Phayao. The lake is a new one – it was created almost 70 years ago, but now its drain is not possible – it requires such huge costs that it is easier to leave everything as is. And some fans of the underwater ruins argue that the temple has already become part of the ecology of lake and everything should remain intact.

Yonaguni-Jima, Japan

Near the coast of Japan, about twenty years ago, founded mysterious underwater pyramids immediately arose disputes. Scientists suggest that the detected «buildings» carved from the rocks. But this is done by people using tools, and very high developed technologically for the time.

Havana, Cuba

The group of scientists continues to explore the ruins of megaliths in the so-called Yucatan channel near Cuba. They have been found for many miles along the coast. American archaeologists, who discovered this place, immediately declared that they found Atlantis (not the first time in history, underwater archeology). Now it’s occasionally visited by scuba divers, and all other interested can enjoy only in surveying and computer reconstruction of the buried water city of a millennium age.

North Sea, Europe

A piece of natural landscape was found some time ago in the North Sea. Part of the land went under the water so suddenly that preserved are rivers, floodplain lakes and borders of the coast. According to researchers, this unique discovery  has much to tell about what was the land of thousands years ago.

Atlantis, Antarctica

One hundred years ago, the museum curator in Istanbul made a surprising discovery. By studying the ancient world map, he found it marked with mountain ranges, consistent with the known topography of Antarctica. Atlantologi now use this card, proving that the legendary continent Atlantis – what we now call Antarctica. Particularly encouraged by their evidence that the thickness of ice at the South Pole is the firm ground, not below the ocean, and at the time of icing on it to grew tropical forests.

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