At the Lake Lutvann near to Oslo (Norway) first time in the history will be held competition «Oslo Ice Challenge» – Free-Diving under the ice. This competition is recognized by the International Association for free-diving – AIDA.

Diving will take place in the hole 3 × 3-meter, water temperature is 2 ° C and visibility under the water – about 20 meters, the thickness of ice – 25 cm

Official website of the competition –

P.S. Freediving is any of various aquatic activities that share the practice of breath-hold underwater diving ( source Wiki ).

Will be interesting to see results , the world record for men in 10 min 12 sec , jeez can you imagine not to breathe for 10 min , for women it is about 8 min. Though I’m not sure in what temperature they made freedive. Oh well I’m scuba fan , so I think this is enough :)

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