Breaking news for all scuba diving lovers – a top scuba diving course (involving all the equipment) is on sale! Spreets, which operates the best deals in Australia website and the team at Divers Service in Adelaide, reduces the original price of $750 for 62 percent, so that you can now save $463.

This unique opportunity allows enthusiastic divers to get certified only within a week, and can be arranged over three evening sessions, plus two days of diving during the weekends with three full equipment hires. The only things the divers should bring are their fins, boots, snorkel and mask.

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) scuba diving course comprises three phases: knowledge development; confined water dive and, finally, the open water dive.

‘This was a great chance for anyone interested in a scuba diving certification. Not only the price was great ($287), but hire of the kit was also included, making it great value. This was surely not to be missed,’ said Justus Hammer – CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Spreets, the best deals in Australia website.

Part of Yahoo7, Spreets has successfully led its best deals in Australia website and now occupies a commanding position in the market, offering daily deals, Editor’s Picks, as well as longer term deals in the country’s major cities with many of the best deals to be shipped to all over Australia.

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