Scuba Diving in Cook Islands

Cook Islands? The name seems familiar. The geography books gave us an acquaintance to it. But did they tell that the place is one among the best for vacationing especially if you are looking for a place conducive for the thrilling activities like the Scuba Diving. Located in the Pacific Ocean, this group of fifteen Islands, further subdivided into southern and northern Cook Islands, presents itself as one of the best tourist destinations. Nevertheless, it is easy to fall in love with the Islands, replete with gorgeous white-sand beaches lined with palm trees, beautiful coral reefs and the most breathe taking lagoons that one may never have seen earlier. The most important feature of this Island is that it allows you to break free from the hassles of your daily life as this place is just a little isolated. Calm and soothing, to both mind and soul, this place is a “must visit” for every one. Also, as a vacationer one is impressed by the friendly nature of the natives and will always feel “at home” with them.

And what’s available here? The answer is “what not”. It provides to its visitors, an exclusive range of activities ranging from snorkeling to scuba diving, from fishing to hiking on the Island tracks of Rarotonga, form bowling to golfing and a very good tourist infrastructure. These Islands present a once in a lifetime experience to the visitors in the South Pacific.

On the Cook Islands, the area where the activity of Scuba Diving is mainly concentrated is at the Island named Rarotonga and somewhat, to an extent, on Aitutki. This activity is limited to the surrounding reefs beyond which the sea drops of in a dramatic manner. The Islands stated above and in particular Rarotonga do have a very rich marine life. The range includes from the colorful tropical fish to the ever exciting sharks, manta rays to barracudas etc. Apart from these, there are also a few wrecks from the year 1950’s to explore. The northern coast has better corals while the southern coast has more fish life to look forward to. The Scuba Diving, here, is considered to be a very good activity both for the beginners and casual divers, both, due to the close proximity of the diving sites and good diving conditions which prevails throughout irrespective of the direction in which the wind blows.  Apart from that there is also another important Island, namely, The Winslow Reef which is a submerged island. This place presents a picturesque place with corals beneath water. It is indeed a refreshing sight.

Apart from that various short term courses are available for the visitors for assisting them in learning this activity. It enables one “to get started”.

Visibility is often within the range of 30-60 (100 – 200 feet) meters and most of the dive sites are within the range of 25 meters and the water temperatures range from 23 C (73 F) to 30 C (86 F) in winter and summer respectively. Most of the rainfall occurs in the months of November to march during the cyclone season. The annual temperature ranges from 18 to 29 C (64 to 84 F) making the months from July to October very good times to visit the place. Also this period gives a maximum opportunity and probability of an encounter with the humpback whales. Predominantly, the place can be used for reef diving, cave diving and wreck drives. The sea life present includes Whales, manta rays, barracudas, tuna fish, sailfish, marlin, Spanish dancers, numerous types of corals and large number of reef fish species etc. The suitability of this place as a tourist destination can also be enhanced by the connectivity this place, especially, Rarotonga, enjoys with the outside world. Several international flights land and take off from that place on regularly. Rarotonga again, is connected to these 14 Islands directly via daily flights. Accommodation on these Islands is also not a problem either. Different costly and low cost hotels are available here. A visitor can get the accommodation in accordance to his/her purse and conveyance.

Connectivity, accommodation, natural beauty and support for fun activities especially Scuba Diving are an attraction of this place ready to enthrall the visitor. You are just one holiday away. Anybody reading?

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