Saipan is the second largest in Archipelago of Mariana Islands located in the Pacific Ocean and also is the capital of Northern Mariana Islands. Being located within tropical climatic zone Islands of Saipan  have very mild climate with constant temperature +27, +29 ° C . Average  temperature of the sea is +25 ° C. This destination is perfect for diving all year round.

You are correct to call Saipan the pearl of the Mariana Islands .  Sandy beaches and offshore reef form a large lagoon which is located in the western part of the island. The eastern side of Saipan is rocky, with lots of mysterious caves and picturesque places.

The visitors of the island can not only swim and sunbathe on the beach, but also arrange interesting tours with survey uninhabited parts of the island, caves and natural attractions. The most beautiful place located in Saipan called Grotto, which is a natural cave with underground lakes and tunnels to the open sea. Many master divers have an opinion that underwater part of Grotto is the second best in the world with its beauty.

Saipan presents particular interest for divers because of rich underwater world, coral arrays at a short distance from the shore, underwater caves, sunken Japanese ships and fighters. In other words ” everything“  which every scuba diver is eager to see.

Dive Sites of Saipan

Eagle-Ray City

Eagle-Ray city is one of the most unique places for diving in Saipan. At a depth of 10m on a sandy soil there is a stone formation. Under favorable conditions, you can meet more than 40 rays, floating around it. Divers dive around a stone pyramid, and cling to the rocks. They watch as stingrays swim just a few centimeters above them. Photographers have a great chance to make unique images there.


Dimple is underwater rock in the western part of Saipan. When you enter the water you can see a large crowd of red snapper and sank to its base, and meet hundreds of different representatives of marine life: moray eels, stingrays, turtles, etc. Taking along a feed for fish, you will get a lot of impressions from their feeding. Thousands of small fish, like colorful butterflies begin to swarm around you. The depth of the site varies from 12 to 32 m, making it accessible to divers of all levels.

Ice Cream

Underwater rock called Ice Cream, is located in the western part of Saipan. This haven dozen small moray eels, anemones and clown-fish. This is a shallow dive. The base rock is at a depth of 15m, while its upper part is about 6m. Slopes swim at the top of the rock when there are currents. The name is given to the rock for its form, similar to the portion of ice cream.

Lao Lao Bay

This bay is one of the most popular dive sites. It is located on one of the largest reefs in Saipan. This place is recommended for beginner divers. Fauna is represented by numerous bright tropical fish. If during the dive you are careful to look around, you’ll see octopus and fish-stone.


One of the best dives on the wall in the Mariana Islands with fantastic visibility and marine life is located in the southern part of the island. The upper edge of the wall is at a depth of 15 m, and the base at 50 m. At the top there are some beautiful coral formations, which is home to many fish. Swim along the wall and you’ll be enchanted with colored paints underwater kingdom. At the base of the cliff you can see the fish, napoleon and octopus. This site is accessible to divers of all levels, but it is preferable for the more experienced.


Chinsen is a large Japanese freighter that sank more than 50 years ago. It is lying in shallow waters in the lagoon. It is home to many thousands of fish and corals. Flocks of red snapper patrol vessel. Reef sharks are not rare guests here as well. The history of the wreck is very interesting, so you should probably ask your guide to tell it.

Banzai Cliff

Banzai Cliff is a beautiful wall, located in the northern part of the island. The summer period is the most favorable time for diving in this place. While diving you will find sharks, rays, dolphins, turtles, floating among the spectacular coral and anemones. This place is preferable for advanced divers, due to strong currents and a decent depth.

Mariana islands offer world-class scuba diving. Mariana islands are washed with the warm waters and full of coral reefs, caves, strange rocks and sunken ships. Saipan has more than 18 unique dive sites. During the first dive at 5:00 am you can usually find turtles, sharks, manta rays and tuna in Grotto. Other diving sites are not less interesting: at Wing Beach you can see a large settlement octopus, site B-29 is the place flooded with Japanese seaplane bombers, and Black Coral is a site with stunningly beautiful colony of black coral.

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