Sharm-El-Sheikh scuba diving sites

Egypt is an ideal place to engage in water sports. Fascinating charm of the underwater world make scuba diving attractive and many hotels have a beach and diving center where you can rent all necessary equipment and the services of trainers. Egypt – Diving – Sharm El Sheikh. Just after […]

Egypt diving – Best sites

Crystal clear water and red hot desert sun enriches each dive with beautiful play of colors, and perfect as precious stones coral walls and reefs running from the shore are breathtaking. Discover for yourself hundreds of varieties of corals, mysterious ship wrecks and some of the most beautiful reef walls […]

Top 10 best places for wall diving

Top 10 best wall reefs to go diving Where deep water meets the shallow, where the open ocean is bordered with rampant reef, you will find the most exciting species during your dives. What is a Coral wall? This is a junction between the shallow waters and the deep blue […]

Diving at Flower Garden Banks National Sanctuary

Dear Divers, welcome to the picture-perfect Flower Garden Banks National Sanctuary for an intermediate-to-advanced scuba diving experience — gigantic pelagic fish, shipwrecks, exclusive colorful corals, reef invertebrates, a plethora of reef-based sea life and more! Located some 110 miles off the Texas-Louisiana border, beneath the indigo-blue waters of the Northern […]

Google Ocean: New addition to the project Google Earth

Well almost every person who is browsing the internet in very short period of time getting familiar with Google Earth. Millions of people using it every day , «traveling» around the globe without leaving the home, raising  Everest and even flew in space in the Virtual World of Google. Very […]

A Guide To The Ocean

Know Your Ocean! I love to read facts about things, especially when it turns out that something that you take for granted is actually an astonishing force of nature. We all like the sea; some of us only like to watch it from the comfort of a cafe window or […]

£150 Million Silver Haul Found in the Atlantic Ocean

Like other historical and archaeological sites, shipwrecks have always dazzled adventure lovers from all over the world, and, in recent years, shipwreck diving has become one of the most rewarding specialized areas of scuba diving, giving the unique opportunity to visit the mysterious past. A week ago, on September 26, […]

Sea Venture at Discovery Cove – the Grand Reef is Now Open!

Say ‘Discovery Cove’ and many things will immediately come to your mind: swimming with dolphins, wading with mysterious torpedo rays, snorkeling through reefs teeming with thousands of colorful tropical fish, or else sunbathing on a sandy beach and enjoying an all-inclusive day of discovery. Boasting a ray lagoon, aviary, coral reef, […]

Regulator Cressi Ellipse Black MC5 – Product Recall

Regulator Cressi Ellipse Black MC5 is being recalled due to the detected problem with the port of high pressure.Quantity: 200 units Partial block of high pressure port can cause an incorrect evaluation of the gas pressure in the cylinder. The company has received three complaints about incorrect assessment of gas […]