There is an official definition of scuba diving: Form of underwater diving with a device that ensures the autonomous supply of air. But in reality, diving is a discovery, it is a child’s dream, a trip to another world, an attractive and exciting world of underwater life that is not somewhere in the depths of space, but very close to us. This tale can be revealed to everyone, you just need to start reading it.

Recently, scuba diving is becoming an increasingly popular leisure activity. This is partly due to the fact that technology of scuba diving is developing and it becomes more affordable. Originally scuba diving was considered exercise for trained young men in their prime. Then gradually the diving has become more widespread, but quite expensive and, consequently, activity only for the rich people. But now this hobby can be affordable for quite a wide range of people. Moreover, thanks to modern equipment and level of training and education of newcomers, diving has become a truly active vacation choice – it is recreational, rather than the extreme sport. Moreover, diving has become a type of family vacation, it can plunge almost anyone – both men and women, and divers ranged in age from 8 to 80 years.

And what in really gives diving to them, what attracts them? Diving underwater, people appear in an unusual world where everything is different, all is like magic. Weightlessness, the opportunity to soar above the bottom, amazing creatures at just a meter away – all these attracts people. In addition, once immersed, people find a new world and besides it, over the water – these are new friends, new experiences, and participation in contests.

To ensure that all of this is possible, newbie needs to be trained. You make the first dive under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Then, in the course of several classes learn the skills necessary for a successful dive. This will give you security and confidence. In addition, the diving instructor can give you a useful advice when choosing and buying scuba equipment.

After a basic course, you can sign up for additional training – to learn underwater photography, diving in a dry suit and with nitrox (respiratory gas with high oxygen level). This will open for you new horizons in diving and give you more opportunities.

And if over the time you understand that you belong to diving, you’ll may be make it your profession, if you want of course!

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