There are three ways to get information
about dive boats, and the destinations.

First Way: Read advertisements and believe claims that are
made. If everyone claims to be the biggest or the best, it can be
confusing, and no one ever advertises that the trips are terrible!

Second Way: Find a chart that lists sizes of various boats and
choose based upon that chart. Is bigger better, or is bigger more
crowded? The chart doesn’t know if customers come back, or if
the dive trips are good. The chart doesn’t know how many trips
are run, or if the meals are good, or if the crew is experienced!

Third way: Word of mouth from divers who have experienced
boat trips, and have knowledge of different destinations. Maybe
a trip to a far island with a group of avid hunters is not the dive
trip that is the best choice. You can find out about reputation or
features that are important, by talking with folks who go on dive
boats often, and have first hand knowledge of the various boats.

The best source of information about dive boats if from groups
that have frequent dive trips, and have knowledge of the various
destinations, and the various boats. After all, do you think that
a chart knows anything about dive trips? Dive stores do, and it
only makes good sense to get real information from real people.

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