Cottage holiday is indeed a pleasure. And if you are in UK, you have a number of options. Surrounded by England, the Irish Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Wales is one of countries that form the United Kingdom of Great Britain. It has a vast coastline, several beaches, high mountains, cliffs, caves, forests and many other interesting natural attractions to look forward to, of which Scuba Diving can be your top choice here. Plus it has 10 national parks including Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia that are world famous. Wales has got a very rich culture with its typical clothing, food, language, lifestyle, natural resources and of course, the famous Welsh choir. The serene scenery and the lively nightlife give you a perfect combination of a peaceful slow paced life and a peppy fast pace one. However, if you truly want to enjoy your stay at Wales, you must rent one of the Wales Cottages that are available in various parts of the country. They take you closest to the nature and tradition of Wales. With self-catering cottages scattered all over the country, holidaying becomes an easier thing to do. It gives you a feeling of independence and ultimate privacy.

If you want to enjoy cottage life, Cumbria is another good option. Cumbria or Cumberland (archaic) is a non-metropolitan county, situated in the northwestern part of England. This place has exquisite natural beauty that has inspired poets like William Wordsworth. It has extensive mountain region and 16 lakes. It contains the famous Lake District National Park and South Lakes Wild Animal Park. Its local culture is manifested by the wonderful aboriginal food items like the Kendal Mint Cake, the Cumberland Sausage and the Grasmere Gingerbread. The Cumbrian cottages are very attractive to look at and stay in. They come in various styles and sizes. You can also choose the location as per your wish. Like you can get one close to the lakes, the mountains or the marketplace.

Cottages in Keswick, Cumbria fulfills the requirements of an enthusiastic tourist in search of good cottages in Cumbria. Keswick is basically a market town cum civil parish situated at the north of the Lake District National Park. It hosts many cultural festivals and repertoires in the theatre by the Lake. Other attractions include the museums, galleries, monuments, rivers and mountains that grace the place. You have farmhouse cottages, Victorian style cottages, modern contemporary cottages and many more. All of these come pretty cheap too.

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