How Do I Choose the Right Scuba Boat for a Trip?

There are three ways to get informationabout dive boats, and the destinations. First Way: Read advertisements and believe claims that aremade. If everyone claims to be the biggest or the best, it can beconfusing, and no one ever advertises that the trips are terrible! Second Way: Find a chart that […]

Protect Sharks from Extermination

Protect Sharks from Extermination Imagine, if you will: Night, darkness and the ocean. A charming blonde left her joyous mates behind and decided to swim under the calm waves of the ocean. Water, under the silver moonlight is being disturbed only by elastic motions of human body. But, you begin […]

Year 2009 is declared Year of Sharks

Year 2009 is declared Year of Sharks I would like share with small info with those people  who care about the sea and its inhabitants. Year 2009 declared the International Year of sharks (I recall, 2008 was the year of the coral reef). Difficult to say but it’s a fact […]