The Dutch company Mammoet received an order recover more than nine tons of gold from the sunken cargo vessel at southern shores of Argentine, reported Thursday the Dutch agency ANP.

Polar Mist sank in January this year during a heavy storm in the Atlantic Ocean. It was carrying gold from Argentina to Chile, from where the valuable cargo was to be delivered by plane to Switzerland. All seven crew members and one passenger were removed from the board of Polar Misto before the ship went down to the bottom.

Mammut has received an order of recovery from the insurance company LloydTs. To carry out the task of being at a depth of 75 meters of a vessel of gold divers are going to be engaged. Needless vessel Polar Misto will not be raised.

Company Mammut is known by fact that in 2002 raised from the bottom of the Barents Sea the Russian submarine «Kursk», sunk as a result of the disaster in August 2000.

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