Scuba Diving safety tips according Padi

“A danger foreseen is half avoided”

  • Divers should limit their depths according to their training, certification level, and experience.
  • Regardless of level of training, any increase in diving depth should be incremental.
  • Further training and/or supervision is needed when diving in a new type of environment.
  • Avoid overweighting; carry out a buoyancy check whenever using new equipment.
  • Remember to reduce weighting when going from salt to fresh water.
  • Ensure that all weight systems used have a quick release and that each buddy is familiar with its operation.
  • Always review emergency procedures prior to each dive.
  • Have regular medical checkups and stay in shape for diving.
  • If surface conditions, currents, or visibility deteriorate, consider aborting a dive.
  • Consult tide tables where appropriate and seek local advice on prevailing diving conditions.
  • Use surface marker buoys and ascent/descent lines wherever appropriate.
  • Always inform a non-diver where you are going and when you expect to return.

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