Generally scuba diving is not considered a dangerous sport. Of course, it’s a bit riskier than, for example, tennis or golf, but it’s far safer than zip lining or parachute jumping. Today you can easily find good modern scuba diving equipment that is reliable and will protect you from many dangers. Add the proper training, responsibility and sensibility – and you’ve almost nothing to be afraid of.

But of course, there are some dangers and risks involved in scuba diving. Some of those dangers lie within the diver, and the others lie the ocean and the environment. It’s very important to be informed about those risks and dangers and learn the ways to avoid them. Here are some tips that can help you:

1. Learn as much as you can about underwater, about the marine life in the area and about all possible dangers. Current info about weather forecast and the water conditions will also be very useful.

2. Diving alone isn’t quite a good idea, so it’s always better to dive with an experienced partner.

3. Always plan your dive ahead, and do everything according to your plan.

4. Check all your equipment before diving, make sure everything works properly. When everything is checked, recheck it.

5. Never drink alcohol before diving. It can cause many problems by affecting your blood pressure and your ability to think clearly.

6. If you have any health problems or are taking any medicine, consult your doctor before diving and dive only if the doctor says it’s safe for you.

7. Don’t hold your breath while diving. Try to breathe normally and descend slowly. Fast breathing can also harm you and your lungs.

8. Don’t panic under water. If any problem occurs, try to calm down and analyze everything. You can also ask your partner for help (that’s why I said it’s good to dive with a partner).

9. Many people think sharks are the main danger under water. It’s not really so, since shark attacks on divers are very, very rare, and if you dive in safe areas, you’ll probably be OK.

10. Never touch unknown plants, coral reefs or animals – they can be poisonous. If you get scratched or bitten by some animal or fish, return to the surface immediately and turn to a doctor.

11. If you’re not feeling well after diving, go to a doctor at once.

12. After diving, don’t fly for at least 12-24 hours.

There are many other dangers under water, so you should read as much as you can to keep your information up-to-date. Remember, most problems, injuries and deaths happen to those who were not well educated and were not ready to face the problems.

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