There is a short 100 foot deep wall on the back north corner of the island.  You can do this dive as a kayak dive, or if you are a doubles diver you can get there by swimming or scootering.  If you are going to swim it, plan to have at a minimum 1 ½ hours worth of air with you.  Get in at the kayak ramp.  Surface swim over to the point on the small island; drop down and cross the channel under water.  Lots of boat traffic in the summer, stay close to the bottom, swim around the island keeping the island to your left.  After a 20 minute swim you will come to a small wall.  You are not there yet.  Swim for another 5 minutes and you will come to the wall you want.  You can get back by swimming the rest of the way around the island or returning the way you came.  The island comes up shallow past the wall and isn’t anymore interesting then the swim to the wall.

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