Say ‘Discovery Cove’ and many things will immediately come to your mind: swimming with dolphins, wading with mysterious torpedo rays, snorkeling through reefs teeming with thousands of colorful tropical fish, or else sunbathing on a sandy beach and enjoying an all-inclusive day of discovery. Boasting a ray lagoon, aviary, coral reef, a resort pool and a tropical river, this amazing theme park, located in Orlando Florida, aims at providing interactive underwater adventures much like those found in the ocean and an extraordinary experience you’ll not soon forget.

June of 2011 was very promising for the Discovery Cove as it brought a new spectacular attraction – the Grand Reef, featuring multiple levels of exploration best suited for all ages. The main highlight of this new section became Sea Venture, which is an underwater walk on the sea floor (wearing dive helmets), enabling you to experience the Grand Reef and its wondrous corals, coming eye-to-eye with a wealth of stunning marine habitats.

Stretching over 2.5 acres, the Grand Reef – an artificial saltwater reef, is also surrounded by magnificent white sandy beaches that add to the charm and magic of what this unique tourist hotspot in Central Florida has to offer. Do not forget that Sea Venture gives you a Scuba experience, no matter you are trained or certified.

Head to Discovery Cove and feel the pleasure of keeping balance between adventure and relaxation. This is something not to be missed!

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