Every time Christopher Columbus would set sail for the New World, he would used La Gomera, a small almost perfectly round island found in the Canary archipelago, as his last stop before crossing the Atlantic. Since then, La Gomera has become a holiday resort island known for its excellent gin colored waters and great diving sites

This island was declared a patrimony to humanity in 1986 by UNESCO, effectively protecting the waters that surround the island as well as Garajonay, the island’s national park found in the interior. This is the only island in the archipelago that has no modern volcanic activity; there are no volcanoes, craters or lava fields here. Instead, green valleys, mountains and forests give the island a wonderful green landscape.

An airport was built on the island no too long ago and the maritime services were also recently updated; you can travel to and from Tenerife, El Hierro and La Palma. The island has become a central travel hub, allowing divers to hop between islands.

The world renowned waters of La Gomera are teaming with all types of marine fauna and it is very common to end up amidst huge shoals of pelagic fish such as barracuda, seriola rivoliana as well as various types of tuna.

There are currently 22 dive sites on the island and all of them are worth checking out. The dive site, “La Baja Del Secreto” (The secret descent in Spanish) is ideal for night dives. The dive site is accessed via boat and is right in front of Charco del Conde. What makes the dive site unforgettable is the presence of an underwater rock formation which rests on top of a black sand bed about 12 metres beneath water. Much of the rock formation has eroded but the local inhabitants do not seem to mind. Here you will find octopi, sponges, sea anemone and spider crabs scurrying about the structure. Swim inwards and you’ll come across a rock covered field where redhead cichlid, bream and roncador frequent.

Here´s the contact information for the dive centres located on the island:

Fisch & Co + 34 922 805 688

J. Tecina Dive Resort +34 922 895 902

Gomera Divers +34 696 219 398

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