Diving – It’s  a wonderful sport or even lifestyle . I would describe in just 3 words: Extreme, Exotic and Romantic . In past diving was accessible only for people with deep pockets or for sportsmen.  But now everything is changed it became popular and it’s popularity growing every single day.

If you like the sea, and you are not afraid of sensations and in good health with a desire to discover the unknown, then diving  is the best thing for you!

Well you’re a newcomer and do not know where to  start? First of all, you need to choose the system of education. It should be noted that such systems are many, but only the main four exists.

The largest and most famous in the world system is PADI – the American Association. In terms of preparation it is not better than others, but time of training is significantly less then others. For example, during a week the instructor will teach beginner the basics of diving. Total course includes 5 theoretical and 5 practical classes. Everything seems to be nice and cool in PADI, but ….   prices are not as pretty as courses :) .Lets  say in Egypt a week of such training will cost you $ 700, which is significantly higher compared other schools.

In Russia was established a League of professional underwater instructors – LPPI. One of the objectives of the League is the revival of  famous club «Dolphin» in the USSR. I must mention that education is the most important and difficult aspects in this club, and requirements for the examinations is very high. But after such course coming out  skilled swimmers – divers and instructors.

If you’ll choose for your training LPPI, you will pass 10 courses (5 of theoretical and practical 5). Payment of $ 180.

The next system is CEDIP. CEDIP – European Association of underwater instructors. The leading countries of the Association are France, Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, Russia. Currently CEDIP is becoming very popular and gaining good market share. The benefit of this system is that during the course instructors focus not only on studies with an aqualung, but with physical preparation for  swimmers too. They also provide 10 lessons that you will  have to pass in a month. The cost of this course ranges from $ 180.

Also  should  be noted the CMAS. This confederation is created by famous Jean Yves Cousteau in 1959. It includes 90 national federations and all diving associations. The Confederation is not only for training but also the it acts as organizator of various competitions, contests, video materials, slide shows and many others thing which are related to diving. The course in this system would cost from $ 200 and will take a couple of weeks.

You probably are very interested in learning how to start diving. I’ll try to draw a few strokes of what awaits you if you’ll decide to become a diver.

All schools  conducting theoretical studies at first and only after it practical. First of all, new divers exploring the so-called set number 1, which includes flippers, mask and snorkel.They are swimming in such equipment in the pool. After this stage you’ll learn how to use aqualung and to dive with it. In the American system  PADI students immediately at the first lesson taught to dive with an aqualung. This is not entirely correct, because some people simply are not prepared psychologically and may panic under water.

Upon completion of training all students will need to pass theoretical exam and receive an international certificate of the first category, which gives ability to dive anywhere in the world. The holder of this certificate can dive  up to 18 meters.  If  New divers will want to upgrade their skills, they can learn more and  receive permission for deeper dives (40 meters). You can complete the specialized training, after which you’ll have permission to dive  up to 200 meters.

Diving is fascinating and interesting. If you’ll try to dive with an aqualung once you’ll not be able to stop diving ( It’s like a cocaine ). Just imagine how many amazing things are hidden from human eyes under water. I’m talking about  bright and unusual fishes, caves , beautiful array of coral reefs and about many things which is simply impossible to describe.

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