The most part of our planet consists of water and only some part of earth. So it is pointless to say which world of these two is richer and worth exploring.  If you are tired of being an earth dweller and want to be a water inhabitant, then scuba diving career is the right way to go and the right means to explore the untouched and see the unseen.

Scuba diving is not just about swimming. It is a real art, a lifestyle, sport with its rules and guidelines. In case you doubt the importance of scuba diving, I will just make your doubts vanish by pointing out several world known organizations that are qualified in scuba diving. They will also help you to become qualified.

Scuba diving has become the favorite pastime of adventure seeking individuals, who want to widen their horizons and be close to nature.

In case you decide to turn from an amateur into a professional scuba diver, that is, a full right citizen of the marine world, then you have to know about the organizations that promote scuba diving and make it accessible for thousands of water enthusiasts.

Let us start with PADI:  Professional Association of Diving Instructors. It is an organization that enjoys respect and fame all over the world. This organization has brought up many generations of certified scuba divers who continue preaching the philosophy and the techniques of PADI all over the world. If you want to be a certified scuba diver, then PADI can fully be your solution.

The rich history and an experience of forty years of this organization guarantees its successors’ brilliant future and promising career. PADI comes along with an international chain of dive shops. PADI training courses will let you practice scuba diving in almost any spot of the world. With a PADI certification, which is valid and accepted in a number of countries, many doors and job possibilities will sprang before you. Accordingly, if you want to consider yourself a professional scuba diver, then take PADI Scuba diving certification courses. Courses are available for all levels: from beginner to certified dive master and instructor level.  All the programs correspond to the international educational standards and will meet your expectations.  Move a ladder up in your scuba career with PADI.

The NAUI: National Association of Underwater Instructors is another diver training world-known organization, that has a great contribution in scuba diving progress. It is home for a number of qualified scuba divers. So feel free to join in. NAUI offers a full array of training programs and courses. NAUI puts safety front and center. Leave it all to this organizations, and it will turn any amateur into a professional scuba diver.

Learn the basics of scuba diving with NAUI Scuba Diver course. This course will teach you the fundamentals of scuba diving, about the dive equipment and safety rules. In the end, you will be given the opportunity to put in practice your gained skills with at least five open water dives. Or maybe you are already a certified diver and want to advance your training. NAUI has something to offer with an Advanced Scuba Diver or Rescue Scuba Diver course. You may realise all your wishes by becoming a certified dive instructor.

Experienced Scuba Diver course is also a good option for those individuals who have experience but no certification.

Diving industry prospers, attracting more and more newcomers on its way. Be ready to explore the wonders of the world waters and get certified to guide the others into this world with true and loyal friend like Scuba Schools International is. The SSI Total Teaching System is one of the most famous training systems on the market. The teaching system does its best to make responsible scuba divers and advanced adventurers. This program is meant for the students who are eager to become certified, but can’t afford completing the Open Water Diver program, and also for those who already have experience and want to have permission for adventurous diving trips.

The SSI’s Dive Professional Training Programs will teach you everything you need to know about scuba diving and scuba diving career. SSI has already produced numerous responsible divers, who not only master the diving rules and tricks, but also comprehend the ins and outs of the whole diving industry.

Among other organizations, that can be taken as an option, are PDIC, YMCA, HSA, MDEA,CMAS, BSAC and several others. No matter which one you’ll choose. Be sure that you’ll become a real diver and will get the knowledge you’ll later need during your underwater trips

Get the ticket to the underwater world with scuba diver certification card in any part of the world. Turn your hobby into profession. Be the first to step into the untouched and the one to leave your trace in the infinite.

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