We all love that exhilarating feeling we get as soon as we embark on a unique diving experience. Getting under the water and exploring areas we have never seen before is the reason we have such a passion for scuba diving. Sadly, the cost can prove to be quite immense when you are looking for that party place to dip your fins.

However the good news is that there are still a few cost efficient jewels that you can take advantage. One place that offers unrivaled beauty and a cornucopia of wildlife at an affordable price is Thailand. The next time you are planning a unique diving getaway you definitely need to keep this area in mind.

Thailand has some of the best scuba diving excursions and sites within all of Asia. The country itself is placed in between the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. Each spot offers its own unique experience that can provide the location for a diving trip of a lifetime. Many people feel that the best diving can be found in the Andaman Sea on both the southern and northern tips of the nation.

While you are bound to find clear water and great weather all year round, the best time to book a trip is between October and April. Often times Thailand is drenched in heavy rainfall straight through from May to September. However if you are planning a trip at this time you can still find crystal clear water and a sea temperature of close to 30 degrees within the Gulf of Thailand. Your best choice is to drop your anchor anywhere near or around Koh Tao.

If we were to suggest two breathtaking locations for your diving excursion it would definitely be Hin Daeng, or Red Rock in English, and Hin Muang or Purple Rock. Both of these areas are located on the southwestern part of Thailand and you will be able to find a number of affordable and awe inspiring diving packages.Glass fish or silver sides, school around the fans and rocky outcroppings. Carpets of anemones cover the shallower sections of the pinnacle. One July the water was so transparent that visibility reach up to 45 meters. In deep blue waters of Hin Daeng you also can meet gray reef sharks. This dive site is also popular because it has been noted that you can meet Whale-sharks quite often. But it’s really sad to constant the fact that whale sharks are now much less than in 90’s, but they are still around more commonly in Feb. , March, and April (But nobody can predict it, this is just when the weather is ideal–I’ve seen them every month of the year). Another most common reason to choose these dive sites are Manta rays.

While we do suggest you book a three day trip in order to take in all the sights, you can find a package that fits your budget for any length of time all year round. Take advantage of the cost efficient rates you will find Thailand, not only when it comes to diving packages but also with respect to accommodation and food during the duration of your vacation. Swim, kick and splash your way over to Thailand today for the scuba diving adventure of a lifetime.

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