Port St. Johns, South Africa. Recently, a shark killed a 16 year old surfer, very close to the place where tiger sharks are regularly hand fed.

Most likely the case is that the local dive guides are constantly hand feeding tiger sharks, and marine predators are beginning to associate man with food, so perhaps they are indirectly responsible for the attack.

Although the authorities banned, but they are not able to verify all the dive operators who bait and feed tiger sharks almost every day. Hand feeding sharks, dive operators are seeking profits through the sensations and underwater photographers who need a guaranteed meeting with sharks. But these marine animals, which are great and beautiful, are also extremely dangerous, and they are used to hunt for people for food.

Scientists argue that the feeding sharks both bad for people and for the sharks. «Feeding sharks alter their behavior. The same situation with the bears in YelloStown National Park. They learn to associate people with food. This makes the animal more aggressive, and thus endanger people».

Scientists opposed to shark feeding, not because of the danger of feeding itself, but because it trains sharks to expect food from people, not to be afraid of them. Predators lose their natural habit of avoiding people. For the same reason, it is not advised to feed the alligators or bears. This changes the behavior of sharks and environmental picture, concentrating sharks in one area.

Videos on YouTube (honestly, the adrenaline in the blood from one view only):

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