World’s biggest single structure made by the living organisms, also known as The Great Barrier Reef of Australia (Queensland) and acclaimed world wide as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is a “hot spot for thrill seekers”. Endowed with richness of biodiversity, covering around 900 islands, like Palm Island, Havannah Island etc, stretching over a distance of more than 3,000 kilometers this place is an ideal location for the various fun activities like boat tours and cruises from a single day trip to the longer voyages with boat sizes ranging from dinghies to super yachts, the glass bottomed boats and underwater observatories along with Helicopter flights and the best of them all “Scuba Diving”. You can find Cairns accommodation, as well as many other amazing locations, online and start planning your adventure right away!

Due to vast range and very rich biodiversity, warm clear waters and accessibility from the guest houses named as ‘live aboards’ the Reef is a favored destination for these activities. Also, several continental and coral islands have been turned into attractive resorts for example the pristine resort island of Lady Elliot Island. These coupled with the proper management of the concerned authorities are good enough to convert a good experience into a memorable one.

Among all the activities stated above, the most thrilling, entertaining and refreshing is Scuba Diving. This activity is encouraged by the tropical climatic conditions of the area, where the water temperature ranges from 71 F to 77 F through out with maximum of 80F in summers. The visibility levels are in general, good throughout the year with slighter higher levels especially in the springs. The sea is calm, in general, throughout the year. These features contribute to the status this place has acquired for the activity of scuba diving.

As stated already, this place has a very rich biodiversity housing various important sea creatures like Whales, Dolphins, porpoises and turtles of more than six different types. Also in the list is the elusive salt water crocodile, sharks, stingrays etc. A chance encounter with them is also a possibility. But the chance of encountering the harmful creatures is reduced to zero in summers and autumn seasons, especially in summers. At this time the marine activity is a buzz with activity and there is plenty to see. Although the sharks have there presence but they are harmless for the humans as they have smaller size. The larger types like the Great Water Shark are not present in the Reef.

There are 16 exclusive dive sites on 4 spectacular outer reefs. The reefs: Thetford, Pellowe, Milln and Flynn are situated on the Outer Great Barrier Reef, South East from Cairns. These sites are rarely visited by other vessels, so divers and snorkelers get the exclusive opportunity to view magnificent corals and fish life without the crowds.

Generally speaking, one does only two dives at any one dive site. The Great Barrier Reef is generally not a deep dive destination. The dive sites have an average depth ranging from 10 to 25 meters approximately 30 to 80 feet. As coral relies on sunlight for growth, some of the best snorkeling and diving can be done in shallow areas around the reef top. Also there is also a facility of learning scuba diving quickly via crash courses run by various firms. Here it is noteworthy that a compulsory fee of $5.00 per person per day is collected for the Government Environmental Management Charge. This amount incorporates the EMC as well as Port Departure Tax, Fuel Levy and administration costs (Subject to change). The activity of scuba diving provides you with a chance to see the corals floating splendidly with the waves at the sea bed. This sight from under the water is a treat for the mind and the soul. The experience, inexplicable though, is quite refreshing.

This place is a splendid place with all the varieties. All in all it is a must visit place for a thrilling, inspiring and refreshing Scuba Diving. Happy Scu (ba) (Di) ving..!!!

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