With warm turquoise waters and clear visibility, Cayman Islands are where all the fantasies and miracles of the mysterious underwater world can be met. And no matter you are thinking about learning how to dive or you have decided to advance and enrich your previous experience, the Cayman Islands offer the utmost.

Do you want an ideal and more professional training in Cayman Islands? If yes, this post will be interesting for you. Divetech in Grand Cayman has recently been awarded the prestigious honor of PADI TecRec Center and now comes with a full array of PADI Technical Courses from ‘Discover Tec through Tri-max’ for open circuit divers who want to learn more about exploring deeper depths, with the mission to create a new growth in the market that will contribute to tourist spots, dive shops and customers alike.

The TecRec courses last 4 to 6 days and start with Tec 40 (130 ft.) through Tec 65 (210 ft.) ending with the full Tec Trimix Diver, with a 300 ft. range. What interests most divers is the fact that they spend 45 minutes at 100 feet, instead of the usual 20 minutes on air that is allowed. Due to the decompression gases that feature higher oxygen contents, divers can also take advantage of the natural multi-level topography in Grand Cayman, enjoying dive at its best. Dear diving enthusiasts, this is something you should not miss out.

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