So you want to learn to dive?

There are some who say that all Open Water courses are basically the same. The fact is that they are not. There are major differences in a number of programs. You need to be honest with yourself and decide just how knowledgeable and skilled you wish to be at the end of […]

Exotic Honeymoons – Take a Dive

Some may think that unless a newly married couple are already certified divers there is no way to make scuba diving the focus of a exotic honeymoon.  In fact, training, certification, and those first few spectacular dives can be a great bonding experience for newlyweds. Resorts, particularly those known to be […]

Diving in Sri Lanka – Explore Its Great Dive Sites

Welcome to Sri Lanka, a dreamscape destination for your next diving adventure! Still, awe-inspiring lagoons, an abundance of marine life and fauna, underwater caves and rock formations, hundreds of fabulous dive sites and dozens of famous ship wrecks dating back to the colonial era – the paradise island has everything you could […]

Diving in Winter: Best Dive Destinations

Don’t let the winter blues get you down… put on a bathing suit and dive into a fun and adventurous sport! For some people winter diving is the best way of maintaining dive fitness to prepare for a new season, while for others, it is much more than this. Below are some […]