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Rope Swing

The cove right before Sunshine Cove. This cove is hard to find at first as you can’t tell there is a cove from the road. Look for what looks like a squarish turnout along the road surrounded by trees. There is a wide sloping trail right in front. Most divers use the small trail just to the left as it is not as steep. Walk down to the beach and you will see a rocky point to the right. This end of the cove isn’t that interesting. The rocks peter out at about 35 feet and turn into a sand bottom. The left side of the cove is more interesting. You should see a small cliff face. There used to be a rope at the top where you could swing out and drop into to the water. The rope was removed when someone missed and hit the rocks instead. A little way past the end of the cliff face in around 25 feet of water is the beginning of a small wall. The wall isn’t very tall but continues on for a ways finally bottoming out at about 90 feet. The beach in front of the cliff face has small roundish rocks that are hard to walk on in dive gear. It is best to get in the water at high tide or get in the water where the beach is sandy and walk over in waist deep water.

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