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Eagle Beach Kayak Ramp

This is one of the least liked shore dives in Juneau; however it also has some of the biggest dungeness crab around.  If you go at low tide you will see this is a very flat shallow silty river delta with a lot of ankle twisting rocks along the shoreline that extent quite a way out.  The best time to do this dive is about 1 hour before the top of an incoming tide.  This serves two purposes, the incoming tide covers up the ankle twisting rocks and acts like a dam to keep the silty river water in the river.  After the tide changes all the silty water will come rushing down and you won’t be able to see your hand in front of your face.  You will have to swim for a long time in 10 feet of water to get to the ledge.  Once you reach the ledge you will be in around 20-25 feet of water and see what looks like a cement parking with pot holes in it.  The pot holes are created by the dungeness crab.  Remember to bring your compass.

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