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Auke Rec Dive Park

A great beginner spot with lots of attractions and easy access. No matter if you want to chase crab or explore sunken boats, this is the place for you!!

Enter the water in front of the bridge between the big shelter and the shelter next to it. Swim out to the drop off/ledge. About 10 feet away from the bottom of the drop off there is a rope that runs parallel to the drop off. Turn left and follow the rope to the beer keg. There are two ropes that come off the keg. The left one goes to the Sea Fari and the right rope goes to the Arctic Tern and Rikki Tikki. There is also a rope that runs between the Sea Fari and the Arctic Tern. The Sea Fari is in about 70 feet of water and the Tern and Tikki are around 45 feet.

Underwater map of the Auke Rec dive park
Auke Rec dive map

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