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Ann Coleman

Side Street off Fritz Cove road.  Go all the way to the end of the street and you will see one of the brown water access trail signs.  Parking is in front of the sign.  Don’t block the private driveways.  This is one of the few wall dives you can do from the shore.  Ann Coleman has a reputation for having bad vis.  Bring a good light.  There are 4 walls at Ann Coleman.  Walk down the trail to water.  If you show up at low tide there are some rocks you have to step down.  The “Ledges” is the small wall right in front.  This wall bottoms out at 70-80 feet and is the “beginner” wall.  The second wall is off the rocky point on the other side of the small dock off the beach.  This is the most commonly dove wall and is deeper than 130 feet.  There is a third wall off the beach on the other side of the point.  There are two ways to get to this wall, you can walk over to the small beach on the other side of the point or you dive the wall at the point and when you get to the end of the wall continue on across the mud/sand slop and you will find the other wall.  It takes about 3 minutes of swimming to reach the other wall.  Make sure you have enough gas and bottom time left to make it over and back. Visibility is even worse on this wall so it isn’t dove as often.  The fourth wall is a long surface swim down past the 2 private docks on the right, to the small beach in front of the brown house.  The wall starts just off the front of that beach.  This is the longest wall and is best left to experienced divers.  The experience diver recommendation is due to the distance you travel away from the exit and the inability to get out of the water right away if a problem arises.  Plan on bringing a large tank to do this dive.

During the summer sport fishermen like to troll along the two walls that are outside the cove.  Be sure to check for boats trolling along those walls before doing these two dives.

The Ann Coleman trail head
Ann Coleman trailhead

The trail to the beach
Ann Coleman trail

The beach and entry site
Ann Coleman entry site

A map of the middle wall
Ann Coleman middle wall

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